City of Subdued Excitement

They weren’t kidding when they put that saying on the old Bellingham city hall. This city of 83,000 people is lidded in clouds more than half the year, but when it’s sunny, it can be magical. Bellingham Bay is center-stage, hosting a myriad of water craft. While this city may not have the ideal climate, you have to give Bellinghamster’s some credit for their disregard of “poor weather.” These are the people that never mess with dinky umbrellas, or change their plans for the weather.

What are their plans? The climbing community in Bellingham thrives with indoor bouldering gyms, and having climbable mountains at their fingertips. A big part of the community is dominated by Western Washington University, making the city a “college town.” Little dive bars, open-late greasy food joints, the works. But there’s also a higher end crowd, looking to go local with their beer, their ice cream and their coffee.

The outdoor scene is impressive, boasting the Pacific, lakes, mountains and dense forests. There’s very little you can’t do outside here. Think of it, and it’s probably less than 2 hours away.